For over 30 years 89 Green St has been home to Live Music in Worcester. From Sir Morgan's Cove, to the Lucky Dog Music Hall, thousands of musical acts and performers have played on the stage here including The Rolling Stones, Godsmack, Korn and so many more! We at the Cove Music Hall strive to keep this legacy alive by bringing you the best in Live Entertainment each and every week!

Upcoming Shows

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Wednesday //  April 26th
Nytro: Goth Industrial

Doors: 9pm

Tickets: $5


Thursday // April 27th
Subterra: We Love Drum & Bass

Doors: 8:00 pm 

Tickets: 21+ $5


Friday // April 28th

Thy Will Be Done w/ Carnivora & More

Doors: 8:00 pm

Tickets: $10 in Advance/$13 at the door

Tickets Here


Saturday // April 29th

TOOL Tribute SCHISM w/ Mr Self Destruct NIN Tribute

Doors: 8pm

Tickets: $10 in Advance/$13 at the Door

Tickets Here


About Our Venue

 The Cove Music Hall only sells advanced tickets for select shows. Most shows Admission is paid at the door. We strive to keep our prices for admission reasonable so by not having advanced tickets please keep in mind you will want to get here early for the shows that you do not want to miss! Ticketed Shows however can be found at