Yamaha M7CL 48ch Digital Mixing Console

2-Fulcrum FA22ac-,%20FA22ac%20v3.pdf

4-SB 500 18" Subwoofers

Crown Macrotech 3600

CBI 48/12 Split Snake

9-Meyer UM1A monitors powered with Crown Macrotech 1200 amps

1-JBL JRX100 Powered 18" Subwoofer (drum fill)

Telefunken Microphones

6-M80, 3-M81, 1-M82

Shure Microphones

4-SM58, 2-SM57, 3-Beta57, 1- Beta91, 2-Beta 91a

Sennheiser Microphones

3-614, 6-604, 2- 421 1-835 wireless

6-Livewire DI Boxes

2 Whirlwind IMP2 DI Boxes


Avolite Pearl 2010 Lighting Console

Dataflash Controller

8- MAC 300 upgraded with LED Heads

6- American DJ Inno Pocket Spot

4- LumenLight RGBW Wash Lights (LED)

4-Dataflash AFI 1000 Strobe Lights

2- Chauvet Color Pallette LED

Stage Dimensions

30'l x 15'w x 2'6"h